Toilet POV Slave Self Feed

A custom-curated scene, ‘Toilet POV, Slave Self-Feed + JOI’ Sophia Sprinkle is your mistress. First, she greets her slave with a polite good morning. On the other hand, your morning together will be anything but proper. Today, your face is the mistress’s toilet. You are Sophia’s shit slave. From the toilet POV, her delectable ass sits right on your face. Sophia tells you just how badly she needs to shit. A chunky piece of shit slowly falls from her asshole, right onto your toilet face. Poor shit slave. Sophia tells you to be thorough with your cleanup using your tongue. Your toilet duties are finished for the day.  Read more info here

Are you hungry slave? Don’t be fooled, Sophia has a special chunky breakfast for her slave this morning. Mistress tells you that not only will you be eating her chunky shit, but yours too! You can’t let your Mistress down, you want to be an obedient shit slave. Mistress Sophia instructs you to either swallow the shit, or smear is on your face, slave. This is what you wanted, after all. Mistress Sophia has a flickering moment of kindness and bestows the slave with a spoon to shovel the shit into your mouth. Mistress demands that you swallow the shit she’s given to you. Mistress declares that you are not allowed to cum yet. You are not under any circumstances allowed to vomit up the shit. Mistress would be most dissapointed in her shit slave. Mistress Sophia tells you to smear the shit on your cock and stroke yourself. Mistress is ready for your big load, don’t let her down, slave.