Myths of Escorts: Separating reality from fiction

Myths of Escorts: Separating reality from fiction

The work of an escort has many things, among them, many myths and topics that many people try to spread to make this work something dirty, but the truth is that, these girls besides being beautiful and intelligent offer their clients nothing more than a good service that leaves them satisfied, like any other normal job. being very different from the work of prostitutes.

Most popular myths about escorts

They have little education

Usually this is linked to the work of ordinary prostitutes who usually end up in the job out of necessity and don’t tend to be very well aligned or delicate girls, but the truth is that most escort agency girls are by choice, as many have businesses, are graduates or have other educational priorities.

In fact, many of the clients tend to fall in love and stay with certain escorts through how much they like talking to them as they tend to be very nice and have very intelligent conversations.

Escorts are money oriented

This is double talk, as we must consider that London escorts clearly work for a fee since that is the job, but they do not make their whole personality revolve around the client’s money either.

For the girls it is extremely important to have their clients satisfied as many are naturally like that, nice and pretty girls who like social interactions.

They keep their profession a secret from everyone

This can be put to a vote, as every escort is different and has her personal life in different ways, but we could say that most of them don’t bother to hide it as they are in the job by choice. Still, privacy is something important for an escort, especially because they have confidentiality contracts with their agencies so that nothing of what they do with their clients leaves the rooms or places they use.

Usually the taboo of being or not being with an escort comes mostly from the clients who are a little skeptical about the idea of people knowing that they were with an escort, but otherwise, they themselves usually have no problems with their identity and their work because it is something they choose. Even so, it is important that as a client you do not disclose information given to you by the escorts for security reasons, every woman is different.

It is illegal to be an escort

Not at all, escorting services to different types of places is not illegal, what is illegal is the labor exploitation in the sexual sector, in these cases these girls are voluntarily working and can leave whenever they want, making it a normal day to day job that will not bring you problems.